Coffee table with steel base and Forest marble top shaped and flared at the edges, in the shape of an apple.

Marble coffee table Tavolino caffè  marmo

Small Apple marble


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Calla Lamp

L'affascinazione per la familia botanica dei gigli ispirano CALLA

Calla Lamp

L'affascinazione per la familia botanica dei gigli ispirano CALLA

Calla Lamp

L'affascinazione per la familia botanica dei gigli ispirano CALLA

Minimal Looks

La leggerezza arreda piacere e dilata lo spazio.
Linee sottili e imprevedibili si irradiano in assenza di gravità.

Sorprendenti forme tratte dalla natura come radici dal terreno.

Acciaio e legno si legano insieme
in sfumature imprevedibili che si sprigionano ogni giorno sotto una nuova luce.

Greyge disegna i colori dell’emozione.


Marble coffee table APPLE  ©

Marble coffee table APPLE is a true work of art, a sculpture that brings elegance and beauty to any living space. The steel base, with its fluid lines and dynamic shapes, is a masterful creation that evokes the movement of water, the grace of a dancing figure.

Thin strip of canvas that is the marble top, is a window to the soul, a reflection of the beauty that surrounds us. The interplay of light and shadow, the subtle variations in tone, all contribute to the table’s ethereal essence.

It is a thing of wonder, a creation of art that speaks to the heart and enlivens the spirit.

As you gaze upon the MELA coffee table, you can’t help but be struck by its beauty and elegance. The way the steel base twists and turns, reaching skyward in a graceful dance, is truly mesmerizing.


The marble top

Gleaming like a precious gem, is a counterpoint to the dynamic base, and together they create a symphony of line and shape. The MELA coffee table is a work of art that is both functional and beautiful, a true statement piece for any home.

MELA coffee table is not just a piece of furniture, it is a work of art that will inspire and delight for years to come. It’s like a Montale poem, elegant and evocative, a celebration of the beauty of life.


Each time you look at it, you will discover something new, a different aspect of its beauty, a new way of appreciating its artistry

Apple Marble coffee table  is a true treasure, a creation that will bring joy and inspiration to all who behold it.


Greyge[greij] is the new design brand from Rome.

Draw the colors of the emotion.

For Greyge, design lives in the details:
all materials, lines and angles have tangible relevance.
Each single piece follows its own vision.
All original designs are handmade in Italy.

The idea is rooted in a strong commitment to the lightness of form
and the search to marry the suggestive force of lines and their flow with the emotion of color.
Designs are inspired by both architectural elements found in nature
both to the emotional response they can generate,

it is the lightness that furnishes pleasure and expands the space.

Thin and unpredictable lines radiate in the absence of gravity.
Surprising shapes drawn from nature like roots from the ground.

Steel and wood bond together
in unpredictable shades that are released every day in a new light.



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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 30 cm


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