Ted Tee is a tea solid coffee table with a refined design, perfect for furnishing your home with style and personality. The top in solid wood, available in two colours: anthracite gray and spring white

Solid coffee table Tavolino da tè

Solid coffee table, laminate top steel structure, TED TEE


Carefully crafted by


Calla Lamp

L'affascinazione per la familia botanica dei gigli ispirano CALLA

Calla Lamp

L'affascinazione per la familia botanica dei gigli ispirano CALLA

Calla Lamp

L'affascinazione per la familia botanica dei gigli ispirano CALLA

Minimal Looks

La leggerezza arreda piacere e dilata lo spazio.
Linee sottili e imprevedibili si irradiano in assenza di gravità.

Sorprendenti forme tratte dalla natura come radici dal terreno.

Acciaio e legno si legano insieme
in sfumature imprevedibili che si sprigionano ogni giorno sotto una nuova luce.

Greyge disegna i colori dell’emozione.


Solid coffee table laminate TED TEE©


Ted Tee is a Solid coffee table sophisticated and refined tea table with a unique design, perfect for decorating your home with style and personality. The solid wood top, available in two colors: anthracite gray and spring white, is sturdy and durable, ideal for hosting books, magazines or simply a cup of coffee. The gray painted steel structure, with its clean and essential lines, gives the table a timeless elegance.

With its unique and original shape, Ted Tee solid coffee table laminate defies gravity and focuses its energy on the beauty and simplicity of its three legs. Like a thin strip of canvas, the unpredictable shapes of the steel base create a playful movement towards the magnificent laminated surface, creating perfect harmony between design and functionality.

Ted Tee is a pure and perfectly shaped object that will amaze with its lively and exciting forms in constant movement. With its compact size, it fits perfectly in any environment, from the living room to the bedroom, from the bedroom to the study. It’s a versatile and multi-use piece, that can be used as a coffee table, living room table, reading table or simply as a decorative element.

Choose Ted Tee low solid wood coffee table laminate and decorate your home with style and personality, choose a tea table that will surprise you with its elegance and functionality.

Certifications of the Solid coffee table . Ted Tee table

Furthermore, our products are manufactured by certified Italian manufacturers. All wooden materials are FSC certified. All materials are reusable. Even the packaging uses recycled materials. Our products are easy to maintain and are emissions-free certified. The finishes give our wooden items an extremely natural look and a pleasant touch. 100% Italian craftsmanship conveyed to an excellent line of contemporary furniture.



 [greij] is the new design brand from Rome.

Low solid wood coffee table laminate TED TEE
It designs the colors of emotion.

For Greyge, design lives in the details.


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Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 110 × 55 × 45 cm

Grigio, bianco


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