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TO BE FACTORY  is an Italy-based online shop that focuses on wooden furniture and functional objects

Arrediamo la tua casa con stile ed eleganza

Our mission is to offer customers a wide choice of luxury furniture handmade by the best Italian craftsmen, using high quality materials and cutting-edge production techniques.


  • Promote made in Italy and enhance the work of Italian craftsmen, providing customers with the opportunity to purchase unique, high-quality furniture that represents the excellence of our country in the design and furnishing sector.
    Guaranteeing customers a safe and transparent shopping experience, offering personalized assistance and a punctual and reliable delivery service.
  • Contribute to creating comfortable and refined environments for our customers, offering furniture that stands out for its style, elegance and durability.

– Ericha Lim, Co-Founder

The short story behind ToBeFactory

The story of ToBeFactory’s luxury furniture ecommerce begins when the founder, an interior design enthusiast, decides to make available to his customers a selection of high quality furniture at affordable prices. To do this, the founder starts collaborating with some of the best luxury furniture manufacturers in Europe, including Greyge.

Initially, Greyge’s luxury furniture ecommerce only offered a small selection of products, but the exceptional quality of the furniture and attentive, personalized customer service quickly attracted the attention of a loyal clientele. In a short time, e-commerce began to expand and offer an increasingly wide range of high quality products, including sofas, chairs, tables and wardrobes.

As time goes on, Greyge’s luxury furniture ecommerce becomes more and more popular, attracting the attention of design enthusiasts all over the world. Thanks to its partnership with Greyge, the ecommerce is able to offer its customers the best luxury furniture available on the market, making it a must-go destination for those looking for high-quality design pieces at affordable prices.

– Johny Quest, Creative Director

Arredamento e interior design
Arredamento e interior design
Tavolo in Mogano