Ted Masterpiece

Three-legged table, entirely in solid blond national walnut, top quality selected boards.

solid walnut table

Ted Masterpiece


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Calla Lamp

L'affascinazione per la familia botanica dei gigli ispirano CALLA

Calla Lamp

L'affascinazione per la familia botanica dei gigli ispirano CALLA

Calla Lamp

L'affascinazione per la familia botanica dei gigli ispirano CALLA

Minimal Looks

La leggerezza arreda piacere e dilata lo spazio.
Linee sottili e imprevedibili si irradiano in assenza di gravità.

Sorprendenti forme tratte dalla natura come radici dal terreno.

Acciaio e legno si legano insieme
in sfumature imprevedibili che si sprigionano ogni giorno sotto una nuova luce.

Greyge disegna i colori dell’emozione.


Solid walnut table TED MASTERPIECE

Solid walnut table,TED is a tribute to the beauty of Italian walnut. The choice of rare and wide solid wood elements
emphasizes the pure and incomparable character of this tree.

TED conveys lightness and joy through its 3 legs.

Their original bifurcation, as well as the light and generous shape of a
veil from above, gives TED a harmony that conquers every space.

The soft and unpredictable shapes of its legs can only be done by hand.

How the solid walnut table was born


this is a solid walnut table with an original design, created and patented by Greyge, the sole owner.

Made with different types of noble woods, Mahogany, Oak and Walnut, the Walnut version is instead made, with a very precise choice of wood, only one species of National Walnut is used.

Just one species, endemic to the Sorrento Peninsula in Campania in Italy, called the national blond walnut, this species is in our opinion the most beautiful, unsurprisingly, it is the most expensive.

Of course, each plant is different but normally has a sapwood, the outer part of the stem, which takes on golden highlights, and the central part the heartwood with dark veins that reach black.

The elegance of walnut is second to none, it is nature that makes this table beautiful, but Greyge tries to emulate and listen to it in everything, both in the minimalism of the Ted table design and in the choice of boards, especially in the combination of large elements, or table legs that look like branches.

Solid walnut table with original Greyge design.


The logs with a process called evaporation are stabilized and the color softens, which makes them unique.

In conclusion, the whole TED solid walnut table is made entirely from evaporated blond national walnut.

The processing is carried out in different phases, in different parts of Italy by magnificent master carpenters with modern techniques in the same way with ancient and traditional knowledge.


In addition, our products are made by certified Italian producers.

All wood materials are FSC certified.

All materials are reusable. The packaging also uses recycled materials.

Our products are easy to maintain, manufactured and certified to be emission free.

The finishes give our wooden elements an extremely natural look and a pleasant touch.

100% Italian handcrafted design transmitted to an excellent line of contemporary furniture.

In conclusion

TED Masterpiece walnut solid  table

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Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 240 × 120 × 78 cm
Ted Masterpiece

Grande, Medio, Piccolo


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